A Sunday at the Market

I still remember the first time I visited the market. We lived in a small town in Colombia, where everybody knew each other. My mother was holding my hand, I think it was Sunday morning because I was not at school. It was crowded and I was astonished by the colourful landscape. There were various fruit displayed on the counters and an abundance of vegetables with different smells and shapes. My mother taught me that going to the market was a ritual and the source of the best and the freshest ingredients.

Recent technological advances have separated us from the old rituals and instead delivered supermarkets nearer home. However, the millennial era has begun to reverse this situation and there are more people who care about their health and prefer to buy organic fruits and vegetables. Often these people known the farmer who produced the food. They are inclined to know about the origin of the products which must be free of pesticides and chemicals.

Likewise, farmers have been striving to survive in this competitive world and have become more innovative, showing their products to the public by creating websites and fan pages. They use pictures and videos to show how they grow their food and the processes that they use. Also, in different cities across the world, food markets are part of tourist attractions like St George’s Market in Belfast. A market I myself visited on Sunday where I learnt more about the Irish dress and met people who are making huge efforts to make exceptional products that can only be found at the market.

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