Belfast’s Public Bike Share Scheme

As we all know, one of the most important things we can be doing to help the environment is to reduce our carbon footprint and thinking about our TRANSPORT is essential. Luckily it’s easy to cycle in Belfast!

Belfast has a public bike share scheme ‘Just Eat’ Bikes!

There are 46 docking stations across the city, so you have a huge selection of places to rent from and secure locations to dock your bike at when you’re not using it. Although you will also receive a 4-digit lock code in case you want to take a break and lock the bike with the combination lock.

You can register, pay and rent on-line – which also makes it more convenient. Its £1 for 30 minutes for, £6 for 3 days or £25 for the year.

The closest docking station to the school is just a 5 min walk, through the University district. Or you can lock your bike up outside the school. Happy cycling!!

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