You only need to go as far as reception to help people!

We think it’s important to support and be involved with our local community as much as we can!

Here are some of the ways we, as a school, support our community and ways in which our students can also help…

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary – Are a rescue organisation for abused or abandoned horses and ponies in Northern Ireland. Our Office Manager, Nathalie, attended one of their open days and what she learnt really resonated with her. She used to ride and has a real love for horses, so when she saw what CLAS were doing she wanted to help! They don’t get any funding and everyone that works there is a volunteer… as well as rehabilitation and fighting to keep horses and ponies alive, they have homing projects and work with other animals like dogs and chickens!

What you can do: We have a Tuk Shop on reception, everything is £1. Buy from here and save a life… we’ve raised about £500 so far!

Another World Belfast – founded by friends of the school, Connor Kerr and Becky Bellamy, AWB supports the basic needs of vulnerable people in Belfast, through raising money and collecting essential items. IH Belfast is a collection point for the ‘The Love Pack’ which collects new toiletries and underwear to make up bespoke packs such as the family sharing pack, rough-sleeper kit, welcome packs for recent victims of human trafficking or simply period care packs.

Becky with packs ready to be delivered!

What you can do: We have a collection point at reception for NEW toiletries and underwear. Donate here!

HomePlus – are our neighbours! They provide an outreach and drop-in centre specifically for asylum seekers, refugees and destitute migrants. IH Belfast is able to offer free English classes for some students referred by HomePlus, and we donate used items of good quality that have been left at Sandhurst House (our school apartments) or children’s clothes.

What you can do: Donate via their website, or donate essential items to reception that we can pass on! They often post requests for items on their facebook page.

War on Want
Self Help Africa

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