The Peninsula Kelp Company, Northern Ireland

We want to talk about the Peninsula Kelp Company because they are such an inspiring local company that have used their knowledge of diving and the surrounding ocean to create a natural kelp product range! It was created by Andrea Gannon and her Dublin born husband Graham.

In their own words:

Two people with a passion for the ocean and sustainability. Today, we are bringing our vision to life by bringing hand-dived, sustainable ocean vegetables to the land.

In an interview recently with ‘Newsletter’, Andrea Gannon said,

“Creating healthy seaweed products originally began as a bit of a hobby when I began making seaweed soap,” continues Andrea. “We had both grown up near the sea and are keen scuba divers in our spare time. I had been conscious of growing interest in kelp, dulse and other sea vegetables because of the benefits from a range of minerals, especially iodine, they contain.”

“The thyroid relies on iodine to make hormones. Seaweed contains a concentrated source of iodine and an amino acid called tyrosine required to ensure the thyroid functions properly. Seaweed products, in addition, may aid gut health,” adds Andrea.

“Our harvesting is carried out carefully so that the marine environment is not adversely impacted. Protecting the marine eco system is our utmost priority and so we rotate areas of the seabed to ensure continuing long-term sustainability.”

Their products include Dulse crackers, popcorn and infused oils. A particular favorite of ours is their Captains Table Cheese Board… which is a delicious sharing box!! You can order products on-line or visit them at Newtownards Market on Saturday mornings.

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